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Got stuck organising the office trivia night or the fundraiser, again?

Organising a trivia night sounds like a great idea - until you're the one that gets stuck researching all the questions! And then you don't get to participate because you already know all the answers! Boring......  Let us do it!

Hosted by local comedian Aidan Nicolson, a Dirty Angel Comedy Trivia Night isn't your stock standard trivia night!  Prepare for a heap of laughs and plenty of silliness as your team battles it out to reign supreme!  

We personally design every trivia night to be unique and fresh - so your rivals won't get an advantage having been to one of our nights before.  We can customise the night fully to help you raise as much money as possible, have as much fun as possible, or both!


K9000 Dog Wash Christmas Party 2022

Colac Special School Staff Function 2021

Merri River School Staff Function 2021, 2023

Warrnambool Primary School Parents Association 2017, 2018, 2019

Emmanuel College Year 12 Trivia 2019, 2020, 2022

McLaren Hunt Staff Morale Day 2019

Certified Public Accountant Networking Event 2018, 2019

Colac Special School 2018

South West Healthcare 2018

South Rovers Junior Football Club 2017, 2018

Warrnambool City Council Social Club 2016, 2017

Hamilton Parklands Special School 2015

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